Who’s idea was this?

Well against all good judgement, I have started a blog. I have weakened to the pressure. I am going to document our imperfect lives online for all to see.

I think you’ll get to know me over time if you follow along. In a nutshell, I’m a mom and wife. You know that lady that sits around doing nothing , but eat bon bons all day. Yeah I’m her. Ha ha! Not!

My goals for this blog are to document activites that my children & I share. The good, bad and indifferent of homeschooling our children.

The side of our family people (with better judgement) tend to disguise with flowers and fluff. And maybe some of the flowers and fluff that happen along the way. Overall, the peaceful chaos that happens in our daily lives.

The Love. The Laughter. The Tears. The “Louder Then Normal” Voices. The Hectic Peace.

Some days are like this:


Some days are like this:


❤️ But every day is full of love! ❤️


HecticPeace @ gmail . com


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for visiting Simple Living ABC’s, and the like on my post “Natural Ways to Bid Back Pain Goodbye”. Hope your daughter’s back is better and you’re enjoying your homeschool year!

      • Well, I’m glad she doesn’t suffer back pain! Over here in Italy, school kids have to tote all their books back and forth daily, and a lot of kids suffer with back problems.

      • Here too really, I feel so badly for the school kids! But we homeschool, so their books stay home and the only thing their backpacks ever hold are stuffed animals on holiday. Or the occasional pair of jammies and a toothbrush for a visit to grandmas house.

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