Alternative Parenting haha!

I planned to start this blog with some sort of brilliant post that exploded with finesse, grace and style, but instead I find myself laughing at my cockamamie ideas and must share on this funny morning.

Each morning I wake up early (I’m not a morning person, in fact I would be content to stay in my cozy bed alllllll day long) to meditate and have a little “me time” before the chaos of motherhood begins. We all need to carve out that “me time” so we can be givers to those in our world that need us.

Anyhow, my kids have been creeping their bedtime later and later, which is fine most of the time, but they are creeping to 11:00pm and this is getting too late because it affects their ability to wake up before noon!

So I have this brilliant idea, today I will blast music thru the house, I’ll start with clam meditation music and hopefully wake them gently. If that doesn’t work I’ll move to a bit louder but not too abrupt of music options. I am not a fan of waking up my children before their bodies are ready for it. Kids need their rest and waking up naturally is one of the many many benefits homeschooling brings our family.

Well I’ve been blasting music for 45 minutes without a stir. LOL. I opened all the curtains, sun shinning in, still nothing. I found an old skool country station and Dolly Parton is belting out some “Rocky Top” song, still nothing, not a single movement from my kiddos! Switched it up to Old Skool RAP! Still Nothing! I can’t stop laughing at all the mornings we’ve tippy toed around the house in fear we’d wake our light sleepers! Ha ha!

I’m wondering when did my precious angels go from waking at the squeak of a mouse to snoozing thru blasting honky-tonk & rap music? LOL I guess we all can change over time, even my ever so light sleepers. Sort of feeling bad about all the mornings I (less than patiently) schooled my husband in HOW TO OPEN A DOOR WITHOUT MAKING NOISE! (why is it men can’t do this?)

Here is the best part of this chaotic plan!  (actually not wise planning on mom’s part, but there’s never a better time then NOW…right? LOL) We have a lunch date with my father in law today. Did I mention proper manners are important to him? Did I mention my kids are normally CRABBY when they are woken up! Did I mention I am CRABBY when I have crabby kids. Who’s idea was this? You will find I ask myself this often. I have hope there is someone else at the root of our chaos! Yet, I also have faith our angels are watching over us and it’s going to all be AOK in the end.

So it is 7:00am my children are finally awake. I started this adventure at 6:00am. It took one hour of me blasting music (worried I might blow out our speakers!) opening all curtains to let the sun shine in and periodically rubbing their backs and saying sweet things like wake up honey, the day is waiting for you to play, I love you, wake up sweetie, sleepy head it’s time to get up, etc…NOTHING, not a stir, groan, protest, etc…NADA…had I not felt slight breathing I might of suspected the worst.

……oops, 7:05am and my daughter has crawled back into bed….

…7:25am kids are awake, one is dressed, one is not, both are eating breakfast…both are SO FAR in a good mood….

….only time will tell if this “alter the kid’s bedtime” plan was a good one…we must get thru this day (particularly lunch with my father in law) and at bedtime we will see if they hit the sack around 8:00pm. Fingers crossed!

Wishing you a peaceful day! (remember to breathe deep throughout your day)

UPDATE: lunch and day went well…kids were in bed by 8:25pm…not bad for day one of bedtime boot camp!

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