Our Homeschooling Week In Photos

I was thinking back to the beginning and how I really wished someone would document their week in photos. I needed to see what people did. I read about a typical day. I found schedules and charts. But I needed to see pictures, I needed a visual aid!

I am only one fish in a giant sea of homeschoolers, so I am not saying OUR WAY is the only way or the right way. Each family has to find their own groove. Figure out your families goals and priorities. What works for the different personalities in your family, the different learning styles, teaching styles, etc…

This is OUR family. This is what works for us. I hope it is helpful to see how we go about our days.

For the record: I will not be documenting everything, but I will do my best to give you a good idea of our days.

Hopefully I can convey the sense of peace homeschooling brings our family…but of course because that is my hope, it will probably turn into a Murphy’s Law week haha! Which in itself might give my readers a sense of normalcy and relief they aren’t the only ones having a wacky day here and there…haha! 🙂

Here we go…wish us luck…

I didn’t plan on starting until tomorrow, but why not start now?

Sunday evening

Earlier this evening my son was finishing up an audio story, Sara and Solomon

While he was doing that, my daughter was creating something with play dough.


After a lot of rolling, pinching, smashing, pushing, poking and exercising just about every fine motor skill one could work on, she had created a duck, on a lake near an island with a palm tree. (Must admit she is more talented with play dough creations then her dear mama. I had pretty much only mastered the snake, worm, a ball, and the ever famous ash tray, but not much more haha!)


All that play dough work is enhancing her future writing skills. Great for all ages IMHO.

We sat down to a delicious dinner, ate and then went for a family walk.

My daughter caught bugs (or attempted to) my son mastered his stick throwing skills. My husband and I just enjoyed the walk while the kids ran ahead, hopping, skipping and laughing while the dog begged for another stick to be tossed.

After our walk, everyone snuggled up on the sofa to watch a bedtime cartoon and eat ice cream. (I quietly excused myself after eating ice cream, to the back room and sipped a cup of tea in solitude)

We brushed teeth and did all that bedtime routine stuff, jammies, teeth, etc…and the kids crawled into bed. Because they were in bed fairly early, they asked for an audio story, so I put on Nate The Great audio download (library overdrive option…big fan of free!)

That was our evening tonight, not overly exciting, but it was nice…


Hopefully I will have more photos and fewer words tomorrow. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Our Homeschooling Week In Photos

  1. I love your idea of chronicling with photos. I’m a visual learner myself, so this is right up my alley. You do paint a peaceful picture. I look forward to seeing more!

    • Thanks…so far day one is off to a different start, but such is life…we are about 3 hours later in our groove…haha! Still peaceful, but haven’t accomplished much yet haha!

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