Saturday – Day Six

I did mention the likely hood that towards the end it might be more pics and less words…or maybe less of both haha….well today I looked at the calendar and had zero, nada, nothing, zip planned, so I told the family I was going to be lazy and chill in bed today surfing the net and reading…which I did do for a lot of the day…

I captured a few pics but not many…sorry…

Admiring some mounted ducks, which comes with questions, answers and lessons by dad…


Jumping with dad…(did I mention he’s a super hero, who brought me tea and breakfast in bed!)


Feeding our bunnies garden treats…


This is an amazingly annoying spinning musical electronic light up ball that wiggles and jiggles all about…my son loves it and has for years…as if I couldn’t hear it in the kitchen well enough, he brought it into my room to share it with me and show me that it’s also good for a relaxing massage! Haha!


“auntie” arrived and she’s always good for a trampoline jump!


That was about all I captured today…dad made hamburgers for dinner. Kids listened to an audio book in bed…I think it is the worlds longest audio book!


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